July 10, 2014

Unraveling Development


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  • Exit Agreements for Nonprofit CEOs: A Guide for Boards and Executives

    Work party This groundbreaking article on the topic of exit agreements for nonprofit executives discusses when such agreements are appropriate and what should be considered.


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Asking for a Gift Personally

PhoneThe secret in asking someone for a contribution, even a friend, is remembering that it’s a conversation, not a presentation.

Planning for Any Future that Could Come Along

Crystal ballAs Samuel Beckett put it, “Everything will turn out all right—unless something unforeseen crops up.” That’s why fundraisers need to be ready for any contingencies that might arise. Simone Joyaux shares the lenses she uses to peer into the unknown and prepare for whatever’s on the horizon.

Are We Talking the Same Language?

GearsVocabulary is important; it’s how we convey meaning. But if two parties don’t share an understanding of what their words mean, they aren’t communicating. Simone Joyaux offers some basic definitions and distinctions among fundraising words.

Storytelling: For fundraising…and life, too

storytelling“Accounts of what happened depend upon the perspective from which the event is viewed.”—William Kent Kreuger, Ordinary Grace

Simone Joyaux returns to talk about the power of stories when it comes to making connection and engagement. This week's column is interactive—share your story, or a story that touched you, in the comments!

Board Chairs

ChairsGreat ones. Mediocre ones. Or just plain bad ones! Simone Joyaux gives her views on board chairs of all sorts.

Resources You Just Must—MUST—Check Out!

KeysSimone starts off the new year by sharing some of her favorite books, infographics, and online posts.