July 13, 2014



The Wealth Gap and the Giving Recovery: Giving USA’s Latest Numbers

MoneyGiving USA’s 2014 report, which covers giving in 2013, shows that the giving recovery is progressing apace, but as with the larger economic recovery, where is all that money going?

Is Strategic Philanthropy Yesterday’s News?

HighwayAnyone who deals with philanthropy understands that part of the price of admission to the coffers of some foundations is a willingness to deal with philanthropic fads that are absolute one day and obsolete the next. Sometimes the constructs change with top leadership and sometimes they just wear themselves and us out, and wither away. Here Bill...


In the

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Pension Fund for Artists Capitalized by Pooled Artwork

PensionThe capital investment behind the Artist Pension Fund isn’t stocks or bonds—it’s the artists’ own creations, to be eventually sold for the benefit of all the selected artists in one of nine investment pools.

Anatomy of an Unregistered Hurricane Relief Charity

SandyThe money raised by the unregistered and not tax-exempt Hurricane Sandy Relief Foundation in New Jersey is only now being distributed to New Jersey and New York charities, well over a year since Hurricane Sandy hit. The story behind this unregistered charity reads like a police procedural on how to set up a group to raise money under the guise of disaster relief and then, but for the intervention of the N.J. Division of Consumer Affairs, slip away with the booty.

Profound Challenges in Delivering Aid Amidst Political Conflict

Ma'aleThe European Union says that Israel demolished three aid sites in the West Bank near the settlement of Ma’ale Adumim and should be compelled to pay compensation. Israel says that the EU sites—shelters for Palestinians displaced by storms—were constructed illegally.

What Might One Massive Capital Campaign Do to Local Fundraising?

RockOn its website, the Knight Cancer Challenge writes, “Dr. Brian Druker (of the Oregon Health and Science University) proved it was possible to kill cancer cells while leaving healthy cells unharmed,” but can a challenge grant to OHSU of unprecedented size be given without harming the network of organizations in the area?

Studying the Role and Finances of Fundraising Galas among Jewish Organizations

DiningThe Forward has been running a remarkable investigative series on Jewish philanthropy, and this week they are focused on the sometimes elaborate and expensive fundraising parties run by some Jewish charities.

Can Philanthropic Oligarchy Nurture Economic Justice?

MoneyAdmirable for his social justice ideals, Mike Edwards’ ideas go against the flow of today’s NGOs and funders. Despite their rhetoric of social justice, too many funders are devoted to business principles embedded in a structure of “social enterprise.”