April 25, 2015


Useful Study Reveals Generational Differences in What Engages Donors

DonateThe new report from Abila suggests it’s worthwhile to offer a variety of approaches to engagement to welcome donors of every age.

2015 “Selfie Awards” Salute Philanthropic Narcissism (Recipients Boycott Ceremony…but Need Not Be Present to Win)

SelfieIn this face-off between entrenched, self-regarding foundations and a group of young upstarts out to rattle the status quo, the latter inevitably win the fight. Add a dollop of social media, and all bets are off.


In the
  • Non profitAs organizational theorists have described it, an organization’s risk of dying is highest at the point of its founding and decreases with age. So it is essential for new ...

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A Field of Toddlers: Nonprofit News Sites

Nonprofit journalismThere are historic moments when a whole new field of nonprofits appears in response to social realities—and this kind of phenomenon poses both challenges and opportunities. The challenges are developmental, as the organizations establish themselves, work out their leadership mix and decision-making processes, establish relationships, and set up systems; a primary opportunity is for a well-placed infrastructure to support the whole field through these challenges. This article about new nonprofit journalism sites is based on interviews with the Knight Foundation and the Investigative News Network. 

Is It Time to End the Tax Deduction for Charitable Contributions?

NewsIs the nonprofit sector really an excuse for society as whole to avoid creating a real safety net for people in need?

Donor Aspirations and You

AspirationsSimone Joyaux says that recognizing and responding to the self-interest of donors is part of what a good fundraiser does.

Study: Corporate Giving Improves Employee Performance

GivingAs social responsibility becomes increasingly important to employees, companies must consider their philanthropic policies and how they influence employee performance.

FB Cofounder’s “Good Ventures” Approach to Philanthropy

MoskovitzWhile heralded as innovative, the “effective altruism” approach of Moskovitz and Tuna is actually already widely used and has its detractors.

Study: Retaining Donors through and after Recession Most Difficult for Small Nonprofits

GlueThe recession’s powerful effect on donor retention led to a slower giving recovery for smaller organizations.