July 11, 2014



The Wealth Gap and the Giving Recovery: Giving USA’s Latest Numbers

MoneyGiving USA’s 2014 report, which covers giving in 2013, shows that the giving recovery is progressing apace, but as with the larger economic recovery, where is all that money going?

Is Strategic Philanthropy Yesterday’s News?

HighwayAnyone who deals with philanthropy understands that part of the price of admission to the coffers of some foundations is a willingness to deal with philanthropic fads that are absolute one day and obsolete the next. Sometimes the constructs change with top leadership and sometimes they just wear themselves and us out, and wither away. Here Bill...


In the

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Experiment: Why Asking Just the Wealthy for Money is More than a Little Silly

MoneyA new study by researchers at the University of Southampton reinforces why nonprofits should not target only the wealthy or well off with their fundraising appeals. It also exhibits that our minds work in odd ways.

How the Kellogg Foundation Takes On Structural Racism

KelloggOne of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s longtime areas of geographic concentration has been the state of Mississippi. The Kellogg Foundation’s director of Mississippi and New Orleans programming, William Buster, explained to Rethink Mississippi how the foundation’s work in Mississippi will work toward changing conditions for young men and boys in the state.

Combined Federal Campaign Pledges Dramatically Plummet by 19% in 2013

CFCNPQ warned that we might see a precipitous drop in pledges to the 2013 Combined Federal Campaign, but that drop is even more dramatic than we imagined, and it is definitely not an anomaly.

Science and Philanthropy: Nice, but Insufficient

ScienceA New York Times writer follows up on a report on huge investments in scientific research by big donors, but says that government spending is necessary to bring them to scale.

How Philanthropies and City Government Can Fight Inequity Together

RainbowFive strategies wherein foundations and local governments can come together and address the issues that lead to wealth gaps in our cities.

Measuring Big Givers by a New Metric

NewsInside Philanthropy used a different formula to measure philanthropic largess, looking at it as a proportion of total wealth, and they listed from that the most and least generous of today’s super-rich givers.