July 10, 2014



The Wealth Gap and the Giving Recovery: Giving USA’s Latest Numbers

MoneyGiving USA’s 2014 report, which covers giving in 2013, shows that the giving recovery is progressing apace, but as with the larger economic recovery, where is all that money going?

Is Strategic Philanthropy Yesterday’s News?

HighwayAnyone who deals with philanthropy understands that part of the price of admission to the coffers of some foundations is a willingness to deal with philanthropic fads that are absolute one day and obsolete the next. Sometimes the constructs change with top leadership and sometimes they just wear themselves and us out, and wither away. Here Bill...


In the

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Interactive Tools: A Digital Look at Where Jewish Philanthropy Goes

PrayerIn the first of what is to be a series of reports, Josh Nathan-Kazis of the Jewish Daily Forward has published an interesting study of where Jewish philanthropic dollars are spent.

Shove Over and Give Gen Y the Keys!

KeyAccording to Marlene Litt, nonprofit organizations that hesitate to hand over the keys to Gen Y may very well be jeopardizing their longevity.

The “Transfer of Wealth” in this Case will be Directly to Charity

FridgeWe know that the Gates family plays a modeling role for some other philanthropists, but in this case they have been one-upped very quickly. Last week, Bill and Melinda Gates indicated that they would not leave their children billions, though they would leave them some more reasonable amount. Now, a UK-based super-wealthy guy says he will leave his children nothing.

Museums Strive to Attract the Next Generation of Trustees and Donors


museum-leadershipAs the community leadership baton passes from the baby boomers to their children, museums around the country are working hard to adapt to attract this new wealthy generation. However, this next generation acts and reacts a little differently from their parents, and museums have to adapt.

GW University Latest Beneficiary of Michael Milken’s Big Philanthropy

Mike MilkenViolations of tax and securities laws while junk-bond trading at now-defunct Drexel Burnham Lambert cost Michael Milken $1.1 billion 22 months spent in jail. He’s now a major philanthropist, with a record-setting donation to George Washington University, but does that mean that the press should whitewash his background and convictions?

Study on Chinese-American Philanthropists Released

TreeThe report released by the Silicon Valley Community Foundation on the philanthropic views of 32 Chinese-American donors is well worth the read.