April 26, 2015


Useful Study Reveals Generational Differences in What Engages Donors

DonateThe new report from Abila suggests it’s worthwhile to offer a variety of approaches to engagement to welcome donors of every age.

2015 “Selfie Awards” Salute Philanthropic Narcissism (Recipients Boycott Ceremony…but Need Not Be Present to Win)

SelfieIn this face-off between entrenched, self-regarding foundations and a group of young upstarts out to rattle the status quo, the latter inevitably win the fight. Add a dollop of social media, and all bets are off.


In the
  • Non profitAs organizational theorists have described it, an organization’s risk of dying is highest at the point of its founding and decreases with age. So it is essential for new ...

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Transparency in Philanthropy: Get On Board or Get Run Over

PhilanthropyGone are the days when philanthropies could operate quietly below the radar. Technology and shifts in societal expectations have changed the game completely.

Taxpayers Subsidize Top Philanthropists through OneWest Bank Deal

OneWestSome money coming from a couple of big-money donors next year might spring from the profits they get from a government bailout of a bank they own. 

A Two to One Challenge from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund

If we can make this $25,000 match, the RBF will donate $2 for every dollar you give us. If we cannot, we lose that second $25,000 completely.

Baby, it’s cold outside when…

PhilanthropyPatrick Rooney has sounded the alarm about a picture of giving in this country that’s so unbalanced it challenges at its essence our understanding of philanthropy.

Is It Philanthropy If…? Or, Why You Didn’t Get a Multimillion-dollar Gift This Year

CanegieNina Glinski writes for Bloomberg that the rich giving to already-rich institutions is warping our understanding of so-called philanthropy.

Philanthropy as Key Ingredient to American Capitalist Economy

GivingIn his new op-ed, Ronnie J. Phillips says, “Spending and giving…are crucial to maintaining the vitality of a capitalist economy.”