A Democratic Time-out: And Where Are the Nominees?

January 31, 2017; Politico

Yesterday, the Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee and Judiciary Committee delayed the confirmations of Steven Mnuchin, Tom Price, and Jeff Sessions, Trump’s nominees for treasury secretary, secretary of health and human services, and attorney general, respectively. Whereas in the Finance Committee they simply did not attend the meeting, for the Judiciary hearing for Sessions, they engaged in long debate that delayed any vote until today. Concerns about Mnuchin and Price focus on what are characterized as financial misstatements. Objections to Sessions come from concerns about the degree to which he could retain independence from the office of the presidency if Trump strays into legally thin ice, an issue that has been brought into stark relief by the dismissal of Sally Yates as acting attorney general. The outrage expressed by Republicans on this obstructionist behavior shows a convenient kind of amnesia regarding recent history.