May 30, 2015

Emerging Forms of Nonprofit Governance

VOLUME 19, ISSUE 4 | Winter 2012

Exploring Emerging Forms of Nonprofit Governance

SpaceYesterday, NPQ published "Is Your Board 'Normal'?" That feature took a look at some of the findings of "Leading with Intent," the 2014 BoardSource Governance Index. While we had your attention drawn to the topic of governance, we wanted to provide you with some other valuable thinking on the topic via this review.

Problem Boards or Board Problem?

BoardHow can we make board work more meaningful for serving members and more consequential for their organizations?

Underestimating the Power of Nonprofit Governance

GrayThis article proposes that nonprofit leaders are increasingly focused on secondary issues, and asks, What does the sector stand to gain as a result of retraining our focus from structural concerns to the central questions and principles of nonprofit governance?

Reframing Governance II

ReframeThe most substantive decisions on your organization’s governance are likely happening far from the board room. How should your governance systems respond?

Financial Transactions with Your Board: Who Is Looking?

LookIn this unique study, nonprofits report on their transactions with board members—some for the better and some for the worse.

Sarbanes-Oxley: Ten Years Later

BirdA decade since the Sarbanes-Oxley Act first appeared, organizations still worry that aspects of the law will continue to seep into the sector. But doesn’t the sector actually have little to worry about and much to gain?

The Inclusive Nonprofit Boardroom: Leveraging the Transformative Potential of Diversity

ClothesDiversity on boards has to be good, right? So how is it that study after study suggests the opposite? A closer look at boards today reveals that exactly how we diversify makes all the difference.

Unstill Waters: The Fluid Role of Networks in Social Movements

WatersIt’s a wonder that social-movement networks survive long enough to make an impact. What’s the secret sauce of these organizing efforts?

Community-Engagement Governance™: Systems-Wide Governance in Action

Comm-EngagementDoes governance only reside in the board? Most of us know that it is more widely held than that, but few really design their governance systems to make full use of the intelligence and energies of their stakeholders.

Board Stories Involving Humans

HumansWhether by the book or ad-hoc, the defining feature of successful boards is not the model but the people who make it work.