• bds

    Fabulous article. The final paragraph while written about Xavier is applicable for any agency.

  • z. Johnson

    As a user of the services distributed by the Xavier Society for the Blind, I’m deeply sadden by the current events and the loss of so many workers who were like family to all of us who either volunteered at one time or another to help and make sure that others like myself used and need their services. I don’t know where I would have gone in 1973 to study so that I could come into the Catholic church! If it wasn’t for the Xavier Society for the Blind, I would have been loss! I hope that in the reorganization there will be the same services of books to read and the propers for the mass so that those who wish to serve in their local parishes can do so. Yes there are many devices that we as blind people can use to get our information, but as Fr. John and others know, most of them are out of reach for those of us who live on a fixed income. Also, most of the books that the Xavier Society carried are not carried by our local libraries, So if I want to read about a particular saint or document I have to find other sorces now.
    I agree that there are many changes out there, and people aren’t giving like they use too, but something is wrong when the only “Catholic” organization for the blind is sold to the highest bidder.