Keep Austin Funded? Fundraiser Seeks $1 Million in a Day

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September 5, 2012; Source: Statesman

The Austin, Texas-based I Live Here, I Give Here seeks to “deepen and expand the culture of personal philanthropy by inspiring Central Texans to invest more money in our community” and now the nonprofit will be kicking that mission into warp speed for Amplify Austin, a fundraising event that will look to raise $1 million in one day in March. This organization is distributing this video in support of its plan:

“Just like anything that is successful, it’s all about the groundwork,” says I Live Here, I Give Here Executive Director Patsy Woods Martin. “So we expect to have a great day of giving and philanthropy.” Martin adds that her organization has “done [their] homework” and “looked at what it takes to make this successful.”

Indeed, as NPQ has previously noted, there are now more models of this kind that organizers like Martin can look to. On November 15, Minnesota’s Give to the Max Day will look to build on past success (the event raised more than $13.4 million last year). Colorado will host Colorado Gives Day in early December after having raised $12.8 million in conjunction with the event last year. On May 2, Seattle’s GiveBIG Day raised $7.4 million for the city’s nonprofits. In January, Alabama Gives Day raised more than $700,000 for the state’s nonprofits. We would love to hear from some of the practitioners of these large-scale 24-hour fundraising efforts as to what you are coming across that works (or doesn’t work). –Mike Keefe-Feldman

  • Hildie

    Where’s her bike helmet? Where are the environmental organizations? Charitable giving supports more than direct-service orgs….

  • Patsy

    Check out the video. Keep Austin Beautiful, an enviro agency, is included.

  • Jeff Achen

    Here at, we’re always excited to see new fundraising events. Different cities and regions are doing new and unique things and we can learn and be inspired by that for our own Give to the Max Day event coming up on November 15. Our approach to this successful event includes many strategies, but largely I’d say that it’s the nonprofit ownership of the event that makes it so successful. We provide lots of communication, training and resources to nonprofits who then take it and run! Once communicated, the large prize grant incentives really seem to mean a lot to donors, who come out and give, give, give. If Austin is anything like Minnesota, they’ll be overwhelmed with people’s generosity. Best wishes! – Jeff @givemn