• Kathryn Oswald

    Great article! It’s true that all stakeholders need to be involved and have their voice included. It’s naive to think that one or even a small group of diverse entrepreneurs can solve a social problem. That said, the social entrepreneur can be one of the voices. They may even be one of the leaders in bringing everyone to the table and ensuring all stakeholder voices are heard. While I agree that collective action is necessary, a social entrepreneur’s organization can offer a valuable contribution to a community collective. There is a place for social entrepreneurs, but their role should not be the “hero”.

  • Third Sector Radio USA

    Of course, this article will leave some people uncomfortable because it offers no clear solution or even a set of solutions. That is the nature of complex, wicked problems–they require complex systems as solutions. It was entire communities, not heroic leaders alone, under which wicked problems developed (often by abrogation of human responsibilities); it is with entire communities under which they will be resolved.