• Rick Bell

    I read your article about HiCaliber. There were a few omissions and misconceptions that I thought should be mentioned. The biggest issue facing HCHR and Michelle the founder is misappropriation of funds. This is the crime that the IRS and FBI put people in jail for. They are also being investigated for fund-raising fraud by false pretense and tax fraud for failing to report hundreds of thousands of dollars on income. Their non compliance with zoning laws is far more serious than the number of horses at her facility. She can reduce the number of horses any time. What she can’t do quickly is build a hay barn which the zoning laws require. HCHR already has a couple million pounds of manure. Michelle is telling people that she intends to compost her manure but cannot start until her permit is approved. She also will be required to clean manure from all horse keeping areas every day. At this time some areas at HCHR go weeks without having manure removed due to their lack of volunteers. All loose hay must be picked up every day. Add this to the workload that volunteers already can’t do. 100 horses will create about 150,000 pounds of manure per month. The zoning requirement say manure must be removed or properly composted. Composting 150,000 pounds of manure every month is an almost impossible task. Finally, HCHR buy most of their assets and pays most of their vendors in cash. As much as $5,000 at a single time. How do you think the IRS will look at that fact?