The Wherewithal of Society: An Accountability Challenge to Private Enterprise

In this article, Buzz Schmidt, founder of GuideStar and Chair of the NPQ board argues that all enterprises need to be held to account for their contribution to—or depletion of—those things that are necessary to sustain a healthy society. He calls these, “elements of community capital.” This article contains ideas that are core to NPQ’s views.

Anticipating the Third Leg of Warren Buffett’s Philanthropic Journey

Warren Buffett’s collaboration with Bill Gates to promote a “Giving Pledge” by billionaires of half of their fortunes to charity is the second public leg of an extraordinary philanthropic journey by the world’s most admired and resourceful investor. Buzz Schmidt, the founder and president of GuideStar International, lays down his predictions of where the the third leg of Buffet's journey will take us.

The European Foundation Centre—Facing Europe’s Difficult Future with Realism, Innovation, Diversity and Optimism

European foundation leaders danced into the night in an elegant, turn of the past century, dancing tent that had been erected in the shadow of the royal Belgian palace. They danced with evident joie de vivre in the face of the troubles—fiscal, demographic and political—facing their continent. This was the final social event of the EFC’s 2010 annual general assembly. The membership had convened in the capital of united Europe to focus member and European Commission attention on the benefits and need for a European foundation statute.