Christa Orth

Christa is a lifelong fundraiser, and now serves as a co-Principal of Wingo NYC Fundraising Studio. Christa has helped social justice organizations across the U.S. deepen donor engagement for the long term. She is a whip-smart strategist, teacher, speaker and coach, who has served in the nonprofit trenches for 20+ years, developing fundraising infrastructure from the ground up for groups like Streetsblog & Streetfilms and StoryCorps. Having come of age at the dawn of the Internet, Christa has expertise in effective written and digital storytelling and has used those powers to help hundreds of organizations attract and upgrade donors at all levels. She believes anyone can be a donor, and delights in moving resources from individuals, corporations and foundations to groups that are changing the world. Christa is a patient and persistent leader, and will make you a believer, too.