The Thin Veil of Racism: The Burden of the Obama Presidency

Our centrist President is in trouble. Not so much for his policies or attempts at turning the Titanic called our healthcare system around but because he is Black. In essence, he must first slog through our country’s collective unnamable even unknowable fear of change that he represents as well as the thinly veiled racism that is at the heart of the recent normalization of fringe element characterizations such as “socialist president.” Jimmy Carter sees through the veil and made a public statement about racism and this presidency, but he has been met with the typical response of “how dare you say that about me.”


Boards and Leadership Hires: How to Get It Right

How a board handles a leadership transition can have powerful and long-lasting effects. This article discusses how the board’s handling of this pivotal moment can result in long-lasting problems—and what your board can do to get it right.

Founders and Other Gods

The nonprofit sector has a love-hate relationship with founders. This article helps us look at founders and the situations they face more productively.