Reframing Governance II

This classic article from a leading scholar on nonprofit governance has, over the past few years, transformed much of the conversation about where the substantive governance of your nonprofit really resides—quite far from the boardroom. Be prepared to reconsider many of your assumptions about nonprofit boards of directors.

Learning to Make the Difference: A Guide to Nonprofit Education

Editors’ Note: We are very glad to introduce this special supplement on higher education opportunities in the area of nonprofit studies. In addition to this buyers’ guide-type article is a set of guidelines to help you judge curricula and a listing of programs. Many thanks to David Renz of the Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership for his help in putting this package together.

Reframing Governance II

Editors’ note: This article is adapted from its originally published version in the winter 2007 issue of NPQ. It highlights shifts in nonprofit governance models, authority, and decsion making that continue to apply today.

The Nonprofit Quarterly’s Study on Nonprofit and Philanthropic Infrastructure

The Nonprofit Quarterly’s Study on (U.S.) Nonprofit and Philanthropic Infrastructure maps and examines the strengths and weaknesses of the network that supports nonprofits and philanthropy in the U.S. The study’s major findings have to do with who is getting best served among nonprofits and why but there is more here like lists of funders of the U.S. infrastructure and a very provocative sub-study of the financial models of infrastructure organizations.