Frederica Boswell

Freddie began her career working on African News, Arts and Current Affairs at the BBC World Service in London. It led to two years reporting from Zanzibar where she also finally learned Kiswahili. In 2010, Freddie moved to Washington, DC and joined NPR’s Morning Edition and later Tell Me More. She also spent a year traveling around the US with NPR host Michel Martin to produce the live events series Going There, which addressed issues like racial tensions in Ferguson, football and ethics in Dallas, voting rights in Charlotte, and immigration in Miami. Born in Kenya, brought up in the Middle East, educated in the UK, and having lived and worked in the US, Freddie’s global perspective fuels the feature-length radio documentaries she’s made on topics as diverse as heroin addiction, traditional music, and cricket. She has produced Tiny Spark from her base in the Middle East since 2016.