Foundations Can Rewrite History by Focusing on the States

While foundations explore the inner recesses of Capitol Hill in Washington, Tim Delaney of the National Council of Nonprofits recommends that they not forget the need to support nonprofit public policy advocacy at the state level. It may be especially important, given how little may occur in Washington due to partisan gridlock as compared with the legislatively active dynamics beyond the D.C. Beltway.

An Uncomfortable – But Necessary – Conversation: Part II

Are you ready to have a tough conversation? Are you ready to talk about staggering state budget shortfalls and difficult decisions about whether to tax nonprofits or cut programs? Are you ready to become active and engaged citizens in the midst of this chaos? Whether you are ready or not, these threats to nonprofits affect you.

So are you ready? Let’s talk.

Note: This is part two of this two-part series. Read Part I here.