Effortlessly combining the wisdom of the ages with the science of today, Thomas Hübl’s Healing Collective Trauma: A Process for Integrating Our Intergenerational and Cultural Wounds is a work of art. In his poetic book, Hübl addresses the complexity of our human experience, pointing to the individual and transgenerational trauma we each hold in our bodies and minds, transmitted through the epigenetic and karmic transfer of energy. Readers will come away with increased awareness of our interconnectivity and a recognition of the “implicit cultural agreements” we hold that have taken root in our “collective nervous system.” With an emphasis on developing the capacities to foster resilience and create spaciousness to address complex problems, Hübl holds that individual and communal transpersonal development can aid in ameliorating the consequences of trauma—and that through the work of conscious trauma integration, we can be liberated from a destiny written solely by the past. With insights such as these, Hübl’s book gathers the most essential spiritual teachings grounded in the physical dimension through systems theories and a robust understanding of our interpersonal neurobiology. As we consider health justice, we must look to those who are able to carefully and attentively integrate mind, body, spirit, community, cosmos, and planet.