Heart of the World,” Sandra Strait

In NPQ’s latest Remaking the Economy webinar, Lorena Andrade of La Mujer Obrera of El Paso, Texas; Pamela Standing of the Minnesota Indigenous Business Alliance; and Ellen Vera of Co-op Cincy outlined some of the joys and challenges inherent in economy building in low-income, BIPOC communities. We’ve made the hour-long webinar freely available—and I encourage you to watch it. Here, I share a few highlights, both to whet your viewing appetite and because what these community leaders say merits attention.

Often, with national platforms like this one, there is a tendency to depend on national organizations or academic analysis. Certainly, those sources are important, and I include myself among those who often rely on them. But, as Andrade, Standing, and Vera make clear, sometimes there’s a gap in that mediation process. And it is worth listening for that. Below are a half-dozen snippets drawn from that webinar.

The Struggle to Be

“We were garment workers. They defined us as a garment industry. There is no longer the garment industry. They no longer nee