Pope Suggests Greedy Christians Give Religion a Bad Name

Is it better to be an atheist who does good deeds than a Catholic who does not? Pope Francis’s words are in line with his teaching about stewardship and service and cut through the din of rhetoric to remind nonprofits and others of their mission.

The 16 Ways Your 990 Informs on You

Many nonprofit leaders leave their 990s to their tax preparers. But more and more donors are examining the form as part of their due diligence. By using their returns to educate and clarify, nonprofits can garner increased revenue and donor engagement.

No-kill Bee Rescue Meets Tornado: Is Silver Lining Far Behind?

Remember when a sinkhole opened up under what was until then the relatively obscure Corvette Museum, swallowing up some prized cars? We would bet the facility is far better known following that disaster. Perhaps this bee rescue can find a silver lining in the public education value of the tornado that took out part of the Texas facility.

A Big Gift to General Fund of RI Community Foundation: Timing Can Be Everything

Anyone who knows today’s community foundations knows that a gift given into the general fund has increasingly become a vote of confidence in that institution. This reflects a new landscape where many community foundations are dominated by their donor-advised funds. This makes the latest big gift to the R.I. community foundation very special indeed.