The Nonprofit Workforce: By the Numbers

This article, from the Nonprofit Quarterly’s fall 2016 edition, “The Nonprofit Workforce: Overcoming Obstacles,” comes to us from the Urban Institute’s National Center for Charitable Statistics. It kicks off a full month of NPQ focus on the nonprofit workforce.


Race, Health & Housing: Connecting the Dots

In the face of mounting evidence that discrimination and racial isolation are themselves sources of racial health disparities, it seems naive to believe that simply repairing substandard housing or facilitating moves to more prosperous neighborhoods will cure the damage done by the “shocks” of living through racial discrimination and economic insufficiency.


And Then There Were 197: The Bittersweet Triumph of #BringBackOurGirls

Media coverage made #BringBackOurGirls look like online activism that just happened to draw the attention of Michelle Obama and Malala Yousafzai. It does not take stock of the live force and global entity whose very existence defies public indifference to violence against women, growing state hostility, and mixed reactions toward women’s political activism.