Facebook Founder’s Philanthropy Reaches Left on Housing Rights

The affordability issue in Silicon Valley touches renters at all socioeconomic levels. Homeowners argue against density and traffic. Investors demand fewer controls on property rights. Tenants want relief from high rents and long commutes—and inclusion advocates want to preserve socioeconomic diversity.

In the Philanthropic Weeds: Cannabis Giving Goes Local

Although marijuana remains classified as an illegal substance by the federal government, the industry is booming thanks to legalization in more than half of the states. Many marijuana businesses want to give back, but many nonprofits remain hesitant.

Perry: Philanthropy Must Save Itself from Whiteness

According to Dr. Perry, communities, not funders, are the experts. “Nonprofits that take money from wealthy donors who aren’t serious about taking on the values of the communities they fund are a major reason why the rich continue to hold on to more power than they deserve….”