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The fall 2021 edition of the Nonprofit Quarterly magazine is here!

Our fall issue explores climate justice.

We begin with the vision of activists and social movements to understand climate justice, with a review of the Sunrise Movement’s Green New Deal, Movement4BlackLives’s Red, Black and Green New Deal, and the Red Nation’s Red Deal, and end with a frontline example of climate impact—Puerto Rico.

The magazine charts some of the brutal roots of environmentalism, and organizations for whom climate change rather than climate justice is the frame. It recognizes and uplifts the ethos of Indigenous communities, who have been stewards of the Earth for many centuries.

In between, we dig into ways policy could help get us where we need to be; touch on visionary philanthropic efforts, understanding that many foundations are facing their own—necessary—existential crisis; and revisit the ongoing Indigenous erasure and racist underpinnings of environmentalism versus planetary health and justice.

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