Monday, July 22nd, 2024

While much of NPQ’s economic justice writing centers on the positive, devising effective strategies to undo the damage of the current economy requires a clear-eyed understanding of its functioning, whether it be the role of private equity, rising inequality, or increase concentration of corporate power. There are many aspects to this work. One is busting myths. For example, a popular myth is that the U.S. has a “free market” economy, even as oligopolies control most sectors and corporate subsidies are widespread. At the federal level, the largest subsidy program is known as the Pentagon. It awards hundreds of billions in contracts annually. At the state and local level, tax “incentive” payments to corporations are now approaching $100 billion a year. 

Of course, that’s just one example. Explore the articles in this section to learn more about tax policy, economic inequality, harmful narratives, and damaging philanthropic practices.