In this time, we are starting to get very concrete about what is needed to address climate crisis across the planet. It is clear that the world needs to respond both quickly and, more important, adequately—and, as the articles articulate within, that we must shift our planning and strategy from short-term crisis response to long-range, cyclical designs more in line with nature.

There is no denying that the planet faces an existential crisis; but the roots of the crisis go back very far in time—and Indigenous people have been talking about it, planning for it, fighting against it, and organizing around it since the beginnings of colonial settlement around the world. Most non-Indigenous people don’t have this long-term perspective—nor the many-centuries-old knowledge of natural cycles, and what to do to manage these and modify human practices when needed to get back into balance with the natural world. This edition seeks to uplift this crucial piece of the conversation.

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