“Climate change is as much about humanity as it is about industry, and it is creative efforts that will ultimately move hearts and minds to address the problem,” writes Grace L. Dillon, professor in the Indigenous Nations Studies Program at Portland State University. Dillon also writes, “The best writers establish connections between diverse communities, which is essential to addressing planetary challenges.”

This issue of Nonprofit Quarterly Magazine centers the wisdom, practices, and experience of such efforts and writers, highlighting people who are immersed in the ongoing and ever-increasing challenges of climate change from a justice perspective—for drastically reducing the amount of fossil fuels we burn may be critical but it is far from the only answer: this is a moment in time for us to set a new path forward, one that ensures climate justice while we tackle climate change. Thus, the articles within explore land rematriation, Indigenous sovereignty and leadership, achieving a just green transition, and local and national movements against oppressive forces standing in the way of new directions.

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