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Dear NPQ Reader,

The spring 2022 edition of Nonprofit Quarterly Magazine is on it’s way!

At the end of 2021, NPQ convened an advisory committee on racial justice and asked the question: What is the edge of current racial justice work? The group converged around “building pro-Black organizations,” and the spring edition topic came into being.

In this issue, we’re moving beyond DEI (bodies at the table), racial equity (measuring POC against white people), and perhaps even racial justice (the righting of racial wrongs), to an actual focus on what Black people need to thrive (building pro-Black).


Here are a few spring 2022 issue highlights…

Resistance and Radical Love: The Call-Forward of a Pro-Black Sector

by Dax Devlon-Ross

Defining Pro-Black

by Cyndi Suarez

What It Looks Like to Build a Pro-Black Organization

by Liz Derias and Kad Smith

A Journey from White Space to Pro-Black Space

by Isabelle Moses

When Blackness Is Centered, Everybody Wins

A conversation with Cyndi Suarez and Dax-Devlon Ross

And many more…

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