The following is a transcript of the video above, from our webinar on “Remaking the Economy: Organizing for Black Food Sovereignty.” View the full webinar here.

I’m standing on the work of so many others. So from what I’ve gathered, from what I’ve read, from what’s been written, the Black food sovereignty movement has always been about the preservation of the Black community. Co-ops have been about survival. And currently, some leading priorities are about regaining the stewardship of the millions of acres of land that was stolen. So, taking that land off the speculative market to be stewarded by Black people in perpetuity, forever. Also, a priority is capturing all that history and unwritten wisdom from our elders. There are some intergenerational exchanges, while simultaneously encouraging some new and emerging farmers to pick up the torch.

And then, thinking about the priority of just overall sovereignty. So having that power and autonomy over our parts, and our ways that we move our food from the soil to our stomachs, and developing just more post-harvest and collective distribution channels.