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The Nonprofit Quarterly (NPQ), is a trusted source of news affecting nonprofits, philanthropy, and 501c3 organizations which produces a daily newsletter reporting on nonprofit management strategiesfundraising ideas, foundation news, charitable giving, financial management, activism and other topics critical to the advancing of civil society.

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NPQ’s daily newsletter is the best of its kind for the nonprofit and social sector. Our regular contributors bring their own personality and perspective to their writing, but unlike some online free-for-alls, this content is edited in adherence with NPQ’s long-held high standards. The NPQ Newswire relies on information reported by external sources; as such, NPQ cannot vouch for the factual accuracy of all information included in the Newswire. Nonetheless, we strive to rely on trustworthy sources, and if any factual inaccuracy is brought to our attention and verified, we will issue a correction, whether the error originated at NPQ or at an external source. In short, you can trust the NPQ Newswire. We do our best to provide the whole story and to ask the right questions when necessary.