July 14, 2014


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  • Exit Agreements for Nonprofit CEOs: A Guide for Boards and Executives

    Work party This groundbreaking article on the topic of exit agreements for nonprofit executives discusses when such agreements are appropriate and what should be considered.


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Hidden Dissension and Tortured Alliances: NPQ’s Dr. Conflict Speaks Out

Dr. ConflictWhether buried conflicts in the workplace or a pathological executive director, no problem is too difficult for the good doctor.

Workplace Woes and Contracting Conundrums: Dr. Conflict Weighs in

DCIs it ever a good idea to outsource your fundraising and grant reporting? And what can you do about a narcissistic supervisor? Dr. Conflict advises.

Evaluating a Battling Board: Dr. Conflict Weighs in

DrIt’s tough enough to deal with differences when you have the power to influence the participants. But what if you don’t have enough power? Dr. Conflict has three tips to facilitating board members working together when factions arise.

Dr. Conflict | Spring 2012

Dr. ConflictWhen a new boss has the entire organization walking on eggshells, a staff member begins to dread going in to the office.

Dr. Conflict

LightWhen a new employee asks for help handling the office gossip, Dr. Conflict advises first against upping the conflict by putting said gossip on the defensive, and second to check out the office culture before leaping into the fray. Perhaps surprising to some, he also reminds the frustrated employee that while one should not pay attention to every detail of what goes on in the workplace, it is never a good idea to stay disconnected, either, as “today’s gossip may be tomorrow’s fact.”

Dr. Conflict | Summer 2011

altAn accomplished interim director is both furious and heartbroken when an external candidate is given the permanent position. Having been cheated of the long-awaited promotion, would “demanding” a raise be the right thing to do?