May 23, 2015


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  • The Challenges of New Nonprofits

    Non profitAs organizational theorists have described it, an organization’s risk of dying is highest at the point of its founding and decreases with age. So it is essential for new ...

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Game of Thrones: The Nonprofit Edition

Dr. ConflictWhen a new hire gets caught between the longstanding CEO and an overly involved board chair (and must manage a resentful staff, to boot), misery ensues.

Struggling with Stagnant Board Standing Committees

Dr. ConflictBefuddled by the machinations of your board? Perplexed by your ED’s past and present practices? Dr. Conflict comes to the rescue!

Hidden Dissension and Tortured Alliances: NPQ’s Dr. Conflict Speaks Out

Dr. ConflictWhether buried conflicts in the workplace or a pathological executive director, no problem is too difficult for the good doctor.

Workplace Woes and Contracting Conundrums: Dr. Conflict Weighs in

DCIs it ever a good idea to outsource your fundraising and grant reporting? And what can you do about a narcissistic supervisor? Dr. Conflict advises.

Evaluating a Battling Board: Dr. Conflict Weighs in

DrIt’s tough enough to deal with differences when you have the power to influence the participants. But what if you don’t have enough power? Dr. Conflict has three tips to facilitating board members working together when factions arise.

Eye-Rolling, Chair-Shifting, Last-Nerve Boards—and What to Do about Them

Dr. Conflict


Dear Dr. Conflict: My board has divided itself into factions, and there seems to be a war being waged in and outside of the boardroom. The thing is, I do not even really know what the issue is except that a few people seem to have gotten on each others’ last nerves…