February 3, 2011; Source: Winnipeg Free Press | On Wednesday, we reported in the Newswire that musicians and performance artists in Ottawa had signed a petition and were planning to boycott a showcasing of prairie talent sponsored by Ottowa’s National Arts Center because the Centre had accepted money from the Enbridge corporation. Enbridge is the Canadian corporation that was responsible for a pipeline bursting in Michigan last July.

We based Wednesday’s Newswire on a story from the Winnipeg Free Press.

Yesterday a conscientious reader alerted us to a correction that the Free Press had posted. The newspaper now reports that, “Some local artists are not boycotting a major prairie arts showcase despite signing a petition protesting the festival’s major partner, Enbridge.”

Instead, a local group calling itself Prairie Artists Against Enbridge has sent a letter to the NAC asking it to reconsider partnering with Enbridge due to concerns about its environmental record, according to the Free Press. The July spill dumped an estimated one million gallons of tar sands crude into the Kalamazoo River.

Thank you to our readers for helping us get the story right. We hope you’ll keep up the good work.—Aaron Lester