July 13, 2014



The Wealth Gap and the Giving Recovery: Giving USA’s Latest Numbers

MoneyGiving USA’s 2014 report, which covers giving in 2013, shows that the giving recovery is progressing apace, but as with the larger economic recovery, where is all that money going?

Is Strategic Philanthropy Yesterday’s News?

HighwayAnyone who deals with philanthropy understands that part of the price of admission to the coffers of some foundations is a willingness to deal with philanthropic fads that are absolute one day and obsolete the next. Sometimes the constructs change with top leadership and sometimes they just wear themselves and us out, and wither away. Here Bill...


In the

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The Philanthropic Problem with Hillary Clinton’s Huge Speaking Fees

ClintonsThe lucrative six-figure speaking fees being paid to Hillary Clinton for speeches at universities have attracted much criticism—too high, too much money being paid to a presidential candidate. Our concern is different: The speaking fees being paid to Clinton (which she says she turns over to the Clinton Foundation) constitute the “repurposing” of donations and tax payments to colleges and universities for the Clinton family’s own philanthropic agenda and might in some cases be purchases of recognition and face time with an expectation of future favors should Hillary Rodham Clinton become the second President Clinton.

Improbable Tales: Nonprofit Gives Back $10 Million Grant (and $10M Match)

Trojan horseWhen is a multimillion dollar grant not needed? When it locks you into a way of doing things that is either unsustainable or simply not ideal.

Foundation Head Urges More Philanthropic Consistency in Approach to US Ed. System

AbstractIn a recent conversation with Philanthropy News Digest, the Spencer Foundation’s Michael McPherson elaborated on his view of the underlying importance of research in the field of education and the need for more communication among funders about what is and isn’t working.

Chinese Philanthropist Who Reneged on NYC Homeless Gets Faked Himself

ChenRemember the Chinese philanthropist who threw the fancy luncheon for homeless New Yorkers and then left amidst confusion and charges of reneging on commitments to help? It seems that now he feels that he got scammed by a New York-based nonprofit himself. 

Husock on Crony Corporate Philanthropy

RegThe Manhattan Institute’s Howard Husock and this newswire writer have crossed ideological swords at many times over the years and will likely to do so many times more in the future. But Husock’s column in Forbes criticizing “crony philanthropy” as practiced by corporate foundations resonates with us.

The Foundation Tally of Detroit’s Unprecedented Grand Bargain

DetroitWhat happens in Detroit this week won’t stay in Detroit. The “Grand Bargain” to save the Detroit Institute of Arts and help capitalize the starving Detroit pension funds will set the participating foundations on an unprecedented course of action and speak volumes to foundations elsewhere in the nation facing fiscally troubled cities.