May 3, 2015



Useful Study Reveals Generational Differences in What Engages Donors

DonateThe new report from Abila suggests it’s worthwhile to offer a variety of approaches to engagement to welcome donors of every age.

2015 “Selfie Awards” Salute Philanthropic Narcissism (Recipients Boycott Ceremony…but Need Not Be Present to Win)

SelfieIn this face-off between entrenched, self-regarding foundations and a group of young upstarts out to rattle the status quo, the latter inevitably win the fight. Add a dollop of social media, and all bets are off.


In the
  • Non profitAs organizational theorists have described it, an organization’s risk of dying is highest at the point of its founding and decreases with age. So it is essential for new ...

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Knight Cities Challenge in Detroit Leaves Locals as Runners-up


Detroit challenge“The Knight Foundation has disregarded community-led innovation to sustain the status quo by funding multi-million and billion dollar corporate and foundation entities in Detroit.”—Stovall and Hill, Knight Cities Challenge finalists

Fundraising Isn’t about Money…Neither is Giving: Part 2

GivingThis is the second in a multi-part column by Simone Joyaux about linking autobiography to notions of philanthropy. Make sure you read the first part first.

Student Thank-a-thon Connects Donors to Recipients of their Generosity

Thank youPutting the final recipients of generosity in touch with donors—that is the heart of this thank-a-thon at the University of Minnesota.

On Justice, Reconciliation, Faith and Philanthropy: Rev. Wilson of Deaconess Foundation Talks about a Model for Addressing Racial Justice

No-JusticeIn light of the events in Baltimore yesterday surrounding the death of Freddie Gray, we bring you this report from the Council on Foundations, presenting the viewpoint of the Reverend Starsky Wilson of the Deaconess Foundation and the ongoing Ferguson Commission.

From the Council on Foundations: Philanthropy and Freedom of Speech


The challenge for foundations promoting or protecting free speech is in balancing freedom of expression on issues that some hold as mere (if profound) disagreement but others see as existentially fundamental.

Considerations for the Disaster Relief to Nepal

NepalThis past weekend’s events in Nepal constitute a challenge that will test anything and everything we have learned about responding to disasters.