Photo via Good Free Photos

March 29, 2018, US News & World Report (Associated Press)

Goats are the latest contract workers in Pittsburgh. They have a preliminary contract, which includes their manager, Hobo the donkey. Pittsburgh has hired them to eat the weeds…and the poison ivy.

NPQ has reported on the efficacy of goat mowing. The Pittsburgh City Council agreed to a five-year contract with a nonprofit, Allegheny GoatScape, which will supply and manage the goats to eat in various city-owned properties.

Allegheny GoatScape received its 501c3 IRS designation letter in January 2017. The nonprofit grew from an organization, Steel City Grazers, which proved through practice that goats are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly to tame unwanted vegetation.

Pittsburg Public Works Director Mike Gable reports that the goats are indefatigable workers. They eat around the clock, and unlike a loud mower, the goats are inviting for the public, who watch them work and can take selfies with them.

Another example of nonprofit/public partnership—but don’t feed them!—Marian Conway