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 NPQ’s latest webinar in its Remaking the Economy series builds on this quarter’s edition of the Nonprofit Quarterly magazine, which, in partnership with the First Nations Development Institute (“First Nations”), lifts up indigenous voices to explore environmental justice and their connection to culture, land, people, and the economy.

This webinar, moderated by NPQ’s senior editor and economic justice program director Steve Dubb, features three leading indigenous environmental leaders:

A-dae Romero Briones (Cochiti/Kiowa) is director of programs of Native Agriculture and Food Systems at First Nations in Longmont, Colorado, where she works to promote indigenous food and agricultural systems and practices.

Kendra Kloster (Tlingit/German) serves as executive director of Native Peoples Action. Based in Anchorage, she directs advocacy and policy work statewide on behalf of Alaskan Natives, who constitute 18 percent of the state’s population.

Trisha Kehaulani Watson-Sproat (Hawaiian) is based in Honolulu, Hawai’i, where she leads an environmental planning consultancy, serves on the boards on two Hawaiian nonprofits, and writes regularly on environmental justice issues.

Among the themes this webinar explores are the following:

  • Beyond rhetoric, what is involved in creating a “just transition”?
  • What are core indigenous practices regarding land, water, and natural resource management?
  • What would climate policy look like if indigenous knowledge were at the center of the policy approach?
  • What is meant by “regenerative agriculture” and how are regenerative agricultural and food practices being implemented today?
  • What does “right relationship” to the land and the environment entail?
  • Success stories of policy changes at the state and local level and how to build on these gains in your community.
  • Action steps for both nonprofits and philanthropy.
  • How to engage business on the path to a just transition.
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