Welcome | Winter 2002

Welcome to the Winter 2002 issue of the Nonprofit Quarterly. It’s Christmas week and we’re racing our press deadline to get this issue to you by the New Year. For most of us, 2002 has been a time of immense challenge and substantial adjustment; 2003 promises more of the same. Appropriately, this issue is built around the general theme of transitions—beginnings, endings and changes—of various types. 

Contemplating the nature of change we recall that the mythical figure of Janus, the Roman god of gates and doorways symbolized the transition from one place, or state, to another. Linking the notion of change to the image of doorways between expectation and experience, Janus (for whom the month of January is named) was always depicted with two faces: one face anticipates the future, while the other is simultaneously reflecting on the past—recognizing that good beginnings are frequently founded on good endings.

Celebrating Public Service

According to the author, the values and motivations expressed by nonprofit workers are at odds with the materialism and cynicism driving the culture-at-large; the challenge for the sector is focusing on our gifts and resisting the rhetoric of being more business like.

The Motivated Workplace

Boston’s Project Hope and the Burlington Group Health Services of Ansonia, Connecticut, share experiences with creating working environments that value, support, and nurture human capital.

Workplace Giving

As more “alternatives” to United Way emerge, the editors offer some factors to consider when affiliating with a combined campaign.