Reflections of a Lifelong Civic Leader

Maximum feasible participation has been a principle to live by for the mayor of Savannah, Georgia, but as he explains government and philanthropy have largely deserted the notion.

Attorneys General and Nonprofits

Discussions with the charities divisions of five states’ attorneys general reveal a changing landscape that provides new challenges for nonprofits and their regulators.

Welcome to Fall 2004

Welcome to the special expanded Fall 2004 issue, on the complex relationships between government and nonprofits. This connection is complicated, often driven by gusty political winds, and increasingly intense—with long-term implications for the future of nonprofits. Now is not the time to sit silently by. We urge you to both read these articles and also to use them to figure out where you can take productive action. In fact, we may have struck the balance of power very wrong in the customary relationships we nonprofits have with government .

Why Programs Get Replicated

The authors look at the institutional pressures that cause programs to be replicated without any evidence that they work better than other programs in the same field.