Cautionary Tales (Aug 07)

I was having one of those “ain’t it awful?” conversations with an old friend the other day who is a big advocate of economic justice issues.

Free Media? An Interview With Robert McChesney

Editors’ Note: In getting grounded in the media landscape we talked with Robert McChesney, an activist scholar in the area of media policy and founder of Free Press ( McChesney’s description of the active approach toward publications and the press throughout U.S. history can inform and inspire us to shift ourmedia environment to one which is more relevant for an informed democracy.

Wanted: Master Storytellers

This is about storytelling: how journalists tell stories to citizens; how nonprofits tell stories to journalists to convey to citizens; how we tell stories to each other to try to make sense of what is happening to our families, neighbors, and people we don’t know. And this is a plea for better storytelling from the people in clinics and classrooms, programs and public agencies, who have their hands on America’s future.

Seize the Day (Or at Least the Press?)

Why allow powerful forces to define nonprofits, when even the smallest shop has the necessary tools at their disposal to match those forces with truthful and inspiring messages that tell its story? Here are a few tips on how you, too, can take control of your message.