Free Media? An Interview With Robert McChesney

Editors’ Note: In getting grounded in the media landscape we talked with Robert McChesney, an activist scholar in the area of media policy and founder of Free Press ( McChesney’s description of the active approach toward publications and the press throughout U.S. history can inform and inspire us to shift ourmedia environment to one which is more relevant for an informed democracy.

Welcome to Fall 2005

Welcome to the fall 2005 issue of the Nonprofit Quarterly entitled “Amplifying Democracy: Nonprofits and Communications.” Inside, we have included articles on everything from branding and social marketing to how communications fits in social change and organizing strategies. We have looked at how communities can be helped to reframe issues and what it takes to tell a good enough story to impact public policy. There is a wealth of information in these pages, in fact, and more links to information that we were not able to include. By way of introduction, we would like to call your attention to some foundational concepts. First, there is a natural link between a free press that promotes discourse and dissent, and a sector that promotes citizen engagement on social issues.