In a Successful Campaign: Lessons for Nonprofits

In such challenging times, nonprofits need to identify the most cutting edge organizational tools, technologies, and behaviors that engage constituents and achieve results. To that end, I would draw our attention to the campaign organization built by President-elect Barack Obama.

Stoking the Nonprofit Advocacy Engine

Advocacy suffers from an inadequate conceptual frame and inconsistent messages. We are mired in the same old debates about what constitutes advocacy, where the line is drawn between advocacy and civic engagement, and whether we should proudly proclaim lobbying as our constitutionally given right “to petition government” and our public-interest responsibility or should instead avoid the L word for fear of scaring nonprofits and funders away.

Welcome to Fall 2008

People: They are our greatest asset. Does this oft-repeated phrase hold real meaning in the nonprofit sector (where it certainly should), or is it a mere cliché? How do those who spend most of their waking hours in nonprofits feel about the third sector as a workplace? In this issue of the Nonprofit Quarterly, we attempt to answer these questions by exploring the motivations, aspirations, and struggles of nonprofit employees and by reviewing trends in the management of our people and our work. As always, we are anxious to hear back from you about the resonance of this coverage and your ideas for other related topics.NPQ Announces its New Web-based Rapid Response SystemAs this issue goes to press, we face political and economic shifts that could ripple out powerfully to nonprofits, philanthropy, and the communities that they serve.

Using the Whole Talent Pool: An Interview with Shannon Maynard and Robert Grimm

Here is a reprint of what we considered to be a thought provoking interview in 2008 with Shannon Maynard and Robert Grimm then of the Corporation for National and Community Service. It advocates looking at and investing in all workers – paid and unpaid – as a part of a valuable talent pool. Their insights are as important today as they were then.