Reframing Governance II

Editors’ note: This article is adapted from its originally published version in the winter 2007 issue of NPQ. It highlights shifts in nonprofit governance models, authority, and decsion making that continue to apply today.

State Groups Tackle Tax Fairness

It’s July 2010, and organizers from 10 state-level grassroots groups have traveled to Washington, D.C. Rob Brown of Opportunity Maine is at the front of the room addressing the crowd. “Firefighters and other local law enforcement are key allies in property tax–cap campaigns,” Brown says, as listeners scribble in notebooks and clack on laptops. “Their perspective tends to be universally appealing to even the staunchest skeptic.”

What Do Donors Want?

Some advocates or “thought leaders” appear to believe that if they repeat often enough that donors are overwhelmingly interested in metrics and outcomes, that it will eventually be true. This classic article, published by NPQ in 2010, took a uniquely clear eyed look at the research and found a much more nuanced reality. It was our most read article in 2010 but we wished more people had paid attention to it then and urge everyone to take another look now.

Talking About Taxes

As we march toward the fiscal cliff, everyone knows that tax reform is on the table in negotiations between President Obama, the Democratic Senate, and the Republican House of Representatives. For a perspective on the importance of the content of taxes for nonprofits, we are pleased to again present this important perspective by Kim Klein of Klein & Roth Consulting that should make nonprofits consider their stake in the tax reform debate. What are they willing to push for and to give up—if anything—in the context of responding to sequestration and dealing with the nation’s budget deficit?