Creating Fertile Soil for the Merger Option

It may be that one of the reasons that mergers are not approached with more enthusiasm is because they are being sold more negatively than they should be. Approaching them as a strength-promoting proposition might work better, no? That said…

Civil Society, Chinese Style:The Rise of the Nonprofit Sector in Post-Mao China

Loosening restrictions are creating an exciting environment for China’s emerging nonprofit sector, but the pathways to official recognition are still arduous and millions of organizations remain unregistered—and thus illegal. This fascinating article is a complex and dramatic snapshot of the organizations of civil society in today’s China.

Use It or Lose It: Frittering Away Civil Society’s Strategic Advantage

All the cool kids understand that real reciprocal engagement with constituents is the way you build adherents, and that adherents equate to power, influence, and sustaining cash. And this requires that many of us re-fit ourselves in the old spirit of the civil sector—but with new tools. Nonprofits are in an unusually strategic position relative to the direction of the new economy. Are we prepared to take advantage of it?