Nineteen Practices toward a Nonprofit Theory of Leadership and Organizational Culture

Nonprofit organizations are different from those in the business and government sectors—so, reasons the author, it would be logical to expect to manage and govern them differently. In the absence of a general framework for nonprofit management, however, thirdsector organizations are under persistent pressure to look like something else. The nineteen practices laid out in this article were developed by the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits in aid of reversing this trend.

Are We “Walmartizing” the Social Sector?

Organizations wishing to scale would do well to prioritize impact over size and take care not to disrupt the community’s ecological balance by inadvertently competing with already existing local organizations for scant resources.

Just So Much and No More

This column by the late Donella Meadows is a powerful meditation that asks what will happen if our economic systems continue competing instead of collaborating with Earth’s sustainability.