Radical Love
Friday, July 19th, 2024

Where is the love? bell hooks guides us: “All great social movements for freedom and justice in our society have promoted a love ethic.” Love is not an individual attribute or achievement, nor is it the sole commodity of the couple. Love is a social pursuit.

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, the NPQ team offers you a collection of our published articles about the social dimension of love, about love as a pursuit of collective freedom and justice. Love, the fifth element, can empower us to live our best lives and enhance the lives of all living things. The question—how do we build a world based in love?—even served as a guide for Nonprofit Quarterly Magazine’s Winter 2023 issue, where we aimed to put the answers to that question into practice.

Love is formidable, should we be open to its possibilities. This collection includes discussions of how love can impact our healing, climate, economy, sense of accountability, and society at large. From radical, revolutionary, and political love to love combined with science and creativity, we hope you feel loved and learn new ways to consider the power of love in every aspect of your life!