Founders and Other Gods

The nonprofit sector has a love-hate relationship with founders. This article helps us look at founders and the situations they face more productively.

Defending Defensiveness

Defensive behavior is instinctive, but it can be counterproductive in our work relationships and organizations. Janoff discusses how we can learn and promote different approaches.

Welcome to Spring 2004

This issue of the Nonprofit Quarterly examines the intersection between the personal and the organizational in our work. Nonprofits, of course are a particularly personal form of organization. Many are born from passion and fueled by the energy and commitment of individual human beings who are intent on making the world better in some way. However, as you will read in a number of the articles in this issue, sometimes we lose sight of when and how personal issues begin to negatively affect how organizations function. On the other side of that personal/organizational intersection, moreover, are  the quirks of the social system in which we exist.

The Evolution of an Innovation

What hurdles to real innovation do nonprofits face? Ami Dar of Idealist discusses some of the barriers in our system for identifying and funding new ideas.