Citizen Monitoring and Action

In this era of struggle over the future of government social programs and cynicism about the overwhelming power and lack of accountability of major public and private institutions, grassroots community groups, community-oriented academics, and others have developed important new techniques for helping ordinary citizens understand and influence key policies and institutions.

The Power of Inquiry: Betsy Santiago-Layne

This first-person narrative about the effects of participatory research on fields of practice and on the constituents or beneficiaries of those fields is one of those timeless pieces that should be read slowly and considered regularly.

Evaluation for the Way We Work

One of the best outcomes of a well executed evaluation is to create an appetite within and around the organization for more creative as well as critical thinking.

Fides: Faith and Money in the Bush Administration

Are politicians and nonprofits consenting partners in the federal faith-based initiative? An investigative report of this loudly touted program shows it may be far less substantive and effective than was originally promised.