Boards and Leadership Hires: How to Get It Right

How a board handles a leadership transition can have powerful and long-lasting effects. This article discusses how the board’s handling of this pivotal moment can result in long-lasting problems—and what your board can do to get it right.

Welcome to Spring 2008

We have purposefully named this edition of NPQ “Leadership Without A Safety Net” to draw readers away from the emphasis on strategic career development and toward a focus on leading for impact and effectiveness. These two objectives often seem to diverge.

A Leader’s Guide to Executive Coaching

Executive coaching provides leaders with tailored guidance on how to manage people and processes to improve organizational results while building the leader’s capacity for delivering those results over the long term. But the approach involves an investment of time and money.

Powerful Nonprofit Leadership: The D Factor

Should your context drive your leadership style? NPQ’s editors think so. We are happy to reflect that the leadership we called necessary in this article has emerged in the years through various social movements and stakeholder actions.