Improving Nonprofit Decision Making amid Economic Crisis

When the finance committee chair of Youth Horizons Inc. announced that in just weeks the organization wouldn’t have enough cash to meet payroll and didn’t know when the cash situation would improve, members of the board of directors were speechless. After two years of deficits, the cash reserve had been spent and the finance committee had run out of options. Soon board members jumped in with questions: What happened to all the grant applications that had been submitted? Wasn’t there a fundraising event planned? How could this have happened, and what should the board do now?

Welcome | Spring 2009

In this issue of the Quarterly we begin to chronicle the combined effects on nonprofits of the economic downturn and a shift in presidential administrations. What kinds of challenges are nonprofit managers facing and what decisions are they making in the face of cascades of both problems and opportunities?

High Anxiety

As the economy continues to sputter and the Obama administration completes its first 100 days, nonprofits face unprecedented challenges. Nonprofit leaders reveal their strategies to survive and thrive.