Freedom of the Press & Civil Society: An Interview with the Committee to Protect Journalists

Yesterday, we were treated to the berating of a member of the press corps by the president-elect following a set-to between him and Meryl Streep, who was championing the role of a free press in democracy and urging people to give to the Committee to Protect Journalists. To highlight the overlap between the work of the civil sector and journalism, we present an interview with Joel Simon, who heads that organization.

Leaning into Discomfort: Social Sector Leadership in the 21st Century

One problem with using “impact measurement” as a sole or primary way to judge effectiveness is that sometimes in advocacy on a political issue it may take all you have just to keep the flag flying and the issue surfaced in the right way – decades may pass and apparently no one wants to listen and then…all of a sudden an opening occurs. Leaders of contested causes talk below about what it takes to exhibit brave political leadership in the 21st century. 

The Courage of Persistence

An activist who has been on the front lines of the battle for economic justice for decades describes his pleased interaction with Occupy Wall Street.