Why Nonprofits Need to Take on Tax Policy – NOW!

NPQ has always cautioned that ignoring your public policy context is akin to turning over the keys to your house and having to ask permission to sleep on the couch. And of all the aspects of your public policy context, the scaffolding of tax structures is king

Oppressed Nonprofit Executives & References for the Unworthy: The Ethicist Weighs In

How many professional ethicists respond to questions that cite Sun Tzu and The Art of War with answers drawn from Hans Christian Andersen’s The Emperor’s New Clothes? NPQ’s Nonprofit Ethicist finds answers to ethical conundrums concerning ugly confrontations among staff and board members, dysfunctional executive directors, and organizations chasing money in logic, philosophy, and literature. Remember to weigh in with more.

The Case against Rainy-Day Framing of Budgets and Taxes

Few things are more loathed by the public than taxes, and our cultural models encourage us to view government as something to be resisted and our tax system as a faulty or rigged vending machine. So how do we change these entrenched ways of thinking? The FrameWorks Institute has some ideas.

Tax Equity and the Nonprofit Sector

When it comes to taxation, our country isn’t broke, just twisted—with a system skewed to favor the super-rich. What can nonprofits do to help? The author proffers seven ways to promote tax progressivity.

Nonprofits and State Tax Systems: The Big Picture

In order to weigh in on tax reform, nonprofits must first understand how states raise their money—which, thanks to murky documentation, is no easy feat. This investigative report delves into state taxation schemes and how they affect the nonprofit sector.