Considerations on Bringing Virtual Stakeholder Dialogue into Organizations

In an age of growing digital activism and boundary spanning, nonprofits must recognize the growing importance of managing stakeholder integration and dialogue. This article provides a foundational look at the practices that can help organizations internally gather and coordinate issues emerging from stakeholder dialogue.

Governance and Accountability: A Different Choice for Nonprofits

Ideas about boards and governance are underdeveloped in the nonprofit sector, leaving many nonprofits relatively weak in comparison to their true potential. This article provides a number of alternative conceptual frameworks that may produce better results for your nonprofit board.

Models and Components of a Great Nonprofit Dashboard

Dashboards are enormously useful for keeping strategic goals in play. So, how do you create an effective dashboard? Financial-management experts Hilda Polanco and Sarah Walker guide readers through a step-by-step process, using real-life examples from a variety of nonprofit organizations.

Keeping It in Reserve: Grantmaking for a Rainy Day

Many nonprofits know that they should be building reserves over time but find it hard to do so without hobbling their work. Perhaps with our improving collective understanding of the framework of full costs, funders need to educate themselves and be educated about their responsibilities in that regard. Here’s a way for readers to approach the endeavor.

Is Each Site in Your Nonprofit Network Raising as Much Revenue as It Can?

In multisite networks of nonprofits, you will always find uneven fundraising performance from one community to another. This article presents an analytic tool common in the corporate world to use in considering the reasons behind the success or lack thereof of revenue generation in a particular community.