Color Blind or Just Plain Blind? The Pernicious Nature of Contemporary Racism

As many readers may know, NPQ and the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network earlier this month issued a call for papers from young people active in civil society on their thoughts about equity, diversity and inclusion. That call has now closed and we have been overwhelmed by the response, receiving more than 130 submissions. That response sparked our interest in running this classic article again. Over the years, I have found this strain of inquiry very instructive in thinking about why patterns of exclusion in nonprofits that see themselves as liberal or progressive persist.

If You Stop Rowing? You’ll Drift Back

This case study of a major television and radio production station, WGBH, points out the importance of keeping the oars in the water. An Interview with Marita Rivero and U.T. Saunders

Tracking the Miner’s Canary

Guinier explains the concepts in the book she co-authored with Gerald Torres on how race acts as an indicator of broader societal problems.