The Nonprofit Sector’s Downward Slope: How Steep and How Long?

Even if the economy rebounds tomorrow, nonprofits can expect to stay in recession much longer. Jon Pratt surveys the wave of cutbacks in major revenue sources, from state funding to foundation grants, and predicts that long-term recovery will be a matter of discerning trends, assessing options and anticipating opportunities and obstacles.

Responsible Retrenchment: Advice to Nonprofits

Most organizations are operating with little or no cushion in the current financial crisis, but Denise Williams advises that strategies be integrated into everyday management practices. This involves deep, honest decisions about ways to scale back, maximize productivity, or resolve to close up shop all together—if that makes more sense.

Cash flow

Improving Cash Flow Management In Challenging Times: A Primer

Revenue is so unstable in these times, it’s especially important to monitor your cash flow. Author Murray Dropkin offers a complete refresher on how to budget a surplus, establish policies and train your staff with such fiscal sense in mind. People with less experience in this area or smaller organizations might find this especially helpful.

From Funders to Funders: Advice on Giving in Hard Times

How should foundations understand their charitable missions in hard economic times? Should they increase their payout in response to dire and immediate local circumstances, or focus on asset-building and maintenance in anticipation of future need? NPQ asked three foundation executives for their insights into grant levels, funding emphases and policy advocacy.